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The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection is the central specialized body of public administration that ensures the implementation of governmental policies in the fields of health, labor, social protection and demography.

In its activity, the Ministry is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, by Law no. 136 dated 7 July 2017 on the Government and other normative acts, the decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, by orders and decisions of the Government.

Mission of the Ministry: Elaboration, promotion and implementation of the state policies in the field of health, labor, family, equal opportunities and social protection, in order to ensure a quality and equitable health and social system, accessible to all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The Ministry’s vision: A healthy population with a constant improvement in the quality of life, with a low poverty rate and a minimum risk of social exclusion.

In order to contribute to the development of the social system, but also to improve the quality of the specific public services, the employees of the ministry and its subordinate institutions share the following common values:

• Professionalism and efficiency;

• Responsibility and dedication;

• Focused on citizens’ needs, with care and compassion;

• Fairness, Ethics and Professional Integrity;

• Objectivity, impartiality and transparency.

The ministry’s leadership is exercised by the minister. Within the Ministry, a General Secretary of State and five State Secretaries are appointed as top senior civil servants, according to the professionalism principle and in line with the existing legal framework.

The structure of the ministry is composed of 12 departments, 4 divisions and 8 services, as well as 21 subordinate institutions.

The basic functions of the Ministry are:

– elaboration of policy documents, draft normative acts in the administered field, including those for ensuring the execution of normative acts and decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, after their publication in the Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova;

– collaboration, according to the national legal framework, with foreign institutions in the managed fields;

– implementation of normative acts and of the international treaties of the Republic of Moldova in the managed field, elaboration of the reports on their execution;

– examination and approval of the draft normative acts elaborated by other public administration authorities and presented for examination;

– elaborating, approving and implementing sectoral spending strategies, submitting proposals for the medium-term budgeting framework, drafting the budget proposals in the managed areas, the annual activity plan, and monitoring the status of their implementation by elaborating and publishing the reports;

– organizing the planning, execution, accounting and budget reporting systems in the Ministry and, where appropriate, within the subordinated institutions;

– ensuring the management of budget allocations and patrimony management;

– coordination and monitoring of the activity of the subordinated administrative authorities and of the public institutions in which the Ministry has the founding capacity;

– managing the international financial assistance programs to support health and social protection system reforms.