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The Ministry of Health is the central specialized body of the public administration responsible for implementing the government’s policy in the entrusted field of activity

In its activity, the ministry is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Law no. 136/2017 regarding the Government, and other normative acts, decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, ordinances, decisions, and dispositions of the Government, as well as other normative acts. The ministry’s mission is to analyze the situation and problems in the managed activity fields, to develop efficient public policies, to monitor the quality of policies and normative acts, and to propose justified state interventions which should provide efficient solutions in the areas of competence, ensuring the best ratio between expected results and forecast costs. The ministry carries out the functions established by this Regulation in the field of health care.

Basic functions:

  1. Development of ex-ante analyses, policy documents, draft normative acts in the field mentioned in point 6, including those for ensuring the execution of normative acts and decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, following their publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with relevant representatives of civil society and the business community;

  2. Collaboration, in accordance with national legislation, with foreign profile institutions in the field mentioned in point 6;

  3. Monitoring of the score and position of the Republic of Moldova in international indicators and rankings related to its specific domains and development of proposals for their improvement;

  4. Monitoring the perception of citizens and economic agents regarding public policies, normative acts, and the activity of the state in the ministry’s specific field of activity, and developing proposals for its improvement;

  5. Monitoring the quality of public policies and normative acts in the ministry’s specific field of activity, including in collaboration with civil society and the private sector;

  6. Realization of normative acts and implementation of international treaties of the Republic of Moldova in the field mentioned in point 6, compiling reports on their execution;

  7. Examination and endorsement of draft normative acts developed by other public administration authorities and submitted for examination;

  8. Development, approval, and implementation of sectoral expenditure strategies, presentation of proposals for the development of the medium-term budgetary framework, development of budget proposals in the field mentioned in point 6, the annual activity plan, and the annual monitoring of their implementation level through the development and publication of respective reports;

  9. Organization of planning systems, execution, accounting records, and reporting of the budget within the Ministry and, if applicable, within subordinate budgetary institutions;

  10. Ensuring the management of budget allocations and administration of assets, in accordance with the principles of good governance;

  11. Coordination and monitoring of the activity of administrative authorities under its jurisdiction and of public institutions where the Ministry holds the status of founder;

  12. Ensuring, through public medical-sanitary institutions within its competence, the provision of medical services in accordance with the branch medical services program for the assigned contingent, developed and approved annually by the Ministry, as well as financing public medical-sanitary institutions for medical services provided within the branch medical services program from state budget funds;

  13. Managing, in accordance with the law, international financial assistance programs to support the reforms of medical assistance and social protection systems;

  14. Exercising other specific functions.